Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation

  • Moving the Fiddler's Dream

    Come join us in raising a sail,

    just like the fishermen and sailors of our coastal history did every day.
  • Learn the Language

    Learn the language

    and "anatomy" of a tall ship: sailing terms, knots, rigging, docking procedures, and more...
  • The Fiddler's Dream

    Take a turn at the wheel

    of the Fiddler's Dream.
  • Enjoy the Puget Sound

    Enjoy the sights and sounds

    of the Puget Sound from the deck of a real tall experience never to be forgotten.
  • Come Sail With Us!

    Come sail with us. Feel the sea wind in your face,

    the deck rolling beneath your feet, and the mournful serenade of sea birds. Get involved.
"Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made." -Robert N. Rose


Kitsap Maritime will be the premiere venue in the Puget Sound Region for seekers of a historic seafaring experience.


Our mission is to celebrate our region's maritime heritage through exhibition, education, and helping people of all ages and abilities to have a hands on nautical experience.


Kitsap Maritime Values:

  • Life-long learning
  • Responsible stewardship
  • Transparency and integrity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Excellence in service

Make a Donation today!
Then come join us dockside, and experience the fun of watching what your dollars have done.

We also have a wish list of small tools that we need including: vice grips, hammers, clamps, and chisels.
Check the Donations page for the full list.


Volunteers: We Need YOU!
Join the crew! We need all types of volunteers, skilled and unskilled! Such as: Carpenters, mechanics, electricians, manual labor for the vessel. Organizational-wise, we need board members, administrative and office help, fundraising volunteers,web and newsletter writers, photographers, graphic artists and all of our community to help bring our dream to reality! Any and all volunteer time is appreciated!
Volunteer today!